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March - Retirement Planning

Download March's sales kit to get retirement planning information and strategies.

The SECURE Act gives us a great reason to reach out to clients and talk about things like longevity planning, annuities, and cash value policies. Our sales kit will help you get the conversation started.

June - Family Business

Download June's sales kit to get carrier compliant marketing materials for small business clients.

Your business-owning clients have a lot on their mind. Chances are they're worried about the economy, their employees, their family, and their retirement. That's why business solutions using life insurance are more relevant than ever. They provide peace of mind, and that's what we all could use more of these days.

July - Life Insurance

Download March's sales kit to get the Financial Independence brochures.

For many clients and prospects, retirement is an "if," not a "when." The good news? Cash value life insurance still offers a great way to achieve multiple goals: extra retirement income, money for long-term care or terminal illness, and a death benefit for the kids or grandkids. Plus, now that we're in a volatile stock market, reliable financial products have gone from ho-hum to something many clients want. This month's sales kit can help you start that conversation.


November - LTC Sales Kit

Download our LTC sales kit with info on hybrids, riders, and more

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month! In this month's sales kit, we have pre-made social media materials for you, along with plenty of conversation starters, client profiles, and producer guides – including a guide that compares an LTC rider to a chronic illness rider, to help your clients understand the difference.

January - Life Insurance as An Asset Class

Download January's free sales kit with sales ideas, a conversation guide, and more

Nearly 33% of Americans plan to make a financial resolution for 2019, according to a Fidelity Investments survey. That makes January a great time to explain how life insurance can be a financial asset, just as valuable as a retirement account or Social Security. Our sales kit has guides, sales ideas, and conversation starters to help you explain how life insurance can leave a legacy, maximize income during retirement, and plan for future health and long-term care costs.

February - Insure Your Love

Download February's sales kit to get shareable social media images

Our February 2020 sales kit is all about encouraging prospects to give more than love this Valentine's Day. It's not intuitive, but life insurance is a romantic gift. After all, what other gift provides for a loved one once you're gone?


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