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Jennifer Lang Financial Services, LLC.

3139 W Holcombe Blvd, Suite 2031
Houston, TX 77025

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Jennifer Lang Financial Services, LLC.

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Atlanta, GA 30318​

Call :1(855) 838-3382 to reach our

Business Tax and Accounting Services Department.​

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Business Taxes

To speak to our

Business Tax and Accounting Services Department:
Call :1(855) 838-3382

We specialize in all business needs, including:

  • Tax planning

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services

  • Payroll solutions for your growing organiztion

  • Help building business credit and securing loans

  • Personal and corporate tax preparation services

  • Navigating the Nevada Tax Code

  • Trust writing and asset protection


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Licensed in Arkansas (Agent #18035616), Alabama (Agent #715834), Alaska (Agent #100151423), Arizona (Agent #16445117), California (Agent #0M91986), Colorado (Agent #553592), Connecticut (Agent #002578044), Delaware (Agent #3000184773), District of Columbia (Agent #3000517694), Florida (Agent #W167754), Georgia (Agent #3263146), Idaho (Agent #641390), Illinois (Agent #17258543), Indiana (Agent #3428985), Iowa (Agent #17258543), Kansas (Agent #17258543), Kentucky (Agent #DOI-975768), Louisiana (Agent #755305), Maine (Agent #PRN50500), Maryland (Agent #3000184767), Massachusetts (Agent #2039964), Michigan (Agent #18035616), Minnesota (Agent #40625611), Mississippi (Agent #8422959), Montana (Agent #3000184757), Nebraska (Agent #17258543), New Hampshire (Agent #2386504), New Jersey (Agent #3000517696), New Mexico (Agent #18751366), New York (Agent #LA-1485199), North Carolina (Agent #1645117), Nevada (Agent #978619), North Dakota (Agent #17258543), Ohio (Agent #1175121), Oklahoma (Agent #3000184731), Oregon (Agent #2717668), Pennsylvania (Agent #832510), Rhode Island (Agent #3000184760), South Carolina (Agent #19193144), South Dakota (Agent #40465844), Tennessee (Agent #2383655), Texas (Agent #2190665), Utah (Agent #648635), Virginia (Agent #1058344), Washington (Agent #970545), West Virginia (Agent #17258543), Wisconsin (Agent #16234141), Wyoming (Agent #354054), and Vermont (Agent #3290472)


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