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Estate Planning | Wills & Trusts | Medical Power of Attorney

Did you know over 60% of Americans do not have a Will? 90% do not have an up to date,
comprehensive estate plan. Important decisions relating to how your assets are distributed,
who will serve as guardian for your minor children and who might make health care decisions
in the event that you cannot could be decided by a judge without an estate plan. Estate
Planning is such a key component of one’s overall financial plan and now I have a product that
can help you to get your affairs in order.

All documents are state specific, legally binding, and customizable. We have plans starting at $40 a month. 

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Who will care for your children?

Without naming a Guardian in your Will, a
judge will make the decision as to who will have the care, custody and control of your children and the inheritance they receive.

Often times this can cause family turmoil, as different family members fight for custody of the child. The only way to guarantee that your wishes are fulfilled is by naming a Guardian in your Will.

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How will you be remembered?

So, you don’t have a Will? No big deal, right?
Wrong! Without a Will state law dictates who
gets your assets. This is true even if you have
already told friends and family which assets
you want them to have when you die.
Regardless of how much or how little you may
have, make sure your wishes are known
by creating a Will.

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Healthcare decisions?

A Medical Power of Attorney names one you
trust to make healthcare decisions on your
behalf when you can’t. Your choices on what
level of end-of-life care you wish to receive can
only be guaranteed by completing a Living
Will/Advance Directive. Your action now can
prevent needless heartache for your loved
ones during what will be a painful time
for them.

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What is a comprehensive estate plan?

  • Last Will & Testament
    Also called a Will. Is a document that describes how a person’s debts are to be paid and assets distributed at
    his or her death; it names a guardian for minor children, and names and executor or personal representative to
    oversee the settlement of the estate.

  • Living Trust
    Also called a Revocable Trust, is a trust that is often used to avoid probate. This type of trust can be changed or
    revoked at any time (and from time to time) during the lifetime of the person (called the settlor or the grantor)
    who set it up.

  • Power of Attorney
    Is a document which names and authorizes a person(s) to make financial decisions and/or transactions for
    another person (called the principal).

  • Living Will Declaration
    Also called an Advance Directive, is a document that instructs your physicians and loved ones as to your
    intentions relative to life support (i.e., artificial nutrition, hydration and respiration), in the event that you are
    permanently unconscious or have a terminal condition.

  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation
    Also called a Health Care Power of Attorney, is a document naming a person to make health care decisions for
    another person (called the principal) when the principal is no longer able to do so.

  • HIPAA Authorization
    “HIPAA” is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, a federal law that protects a person’s
    private medical and mental health information. A HIPAA Authorization is a document that desig

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A Primer on Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

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