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Jennifer Lang Financial Services Launches New eBook to Tackle the Financial Planning Issues of Women

Women have unique financial needs. This eBook serves to help women with tips and guidance to maximize growth and protect retirement capital.

Retirement Planning Specialist and Author Jennifer Lang, today announced the launch of her new eBook "How Women Can Prepare For Retirement Now."

Jennifer Lang Financial Services, focuses on financial literacy and provides people with tools that can help them make informed decisions. They offer informational material on a wide range of topics with an understanding that individuals have diverse financial needs. The book centers around retirement planning and estate planning strategies to help women prepare for a more realistic retirement and old age.

Women have over 51% of the spending power, but tend to invest for retirement far less than their male counterparts.1

Key Subjects of the Book Include:

  • Misconceptions About Medicare

  • How Retiring in a Bear Market Will Affect How Long Your Retirement Income Will Last

  • Retirement Options To Consider Aside From a 401K

  • The Best Time To Take Social Security

  • How To Overcome the Fear of Running Out Of Money In Retirement

  • How Your Retirement May See Major Changes, Thanks to the Coronavirus Economic Relief Bill

  • How Women Can Plan For Long-Term Care Costs

"I wanted to talk about the importance of being prepared for retirement. Preparation, of course is different for everyone, but women will have different retirement needs and goals than men. " said Retirement Planning Specialist and author Jennifer Lang. The retirement preparation process can look a little different for women than it does for men. Although stereotypes are changing, women are still more likely to serve as caretakers than men are, meaning they accumulate less income and benefits due to their time absent from the workforce. Research shows that 39% of women took a significant amount of time off work to care for loved ones – compared to 24% of men. Women who are working also tend to put less money aside for retirement, saving just 7% of their paychecks on average, while men save closer to 10%.2 "These numbers may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to be a statistic," says Jennifer Lang. "With a little foresight, you can start taking steps now, which may help you in the long run. My hope is that this ebook can serve as a guide to women and give them some tangible steps that they can take to help put them ahead of the curve." The ebook is available for Free under the company's ebook section and can only be viewed online.To request a copy visit About the Author When Jennifer Lang started building her company, she had a vision to provide individuals and small business owners with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. She is a contributing author for , host of the podcast "Independent Wealth Planner Strategies with Jennifer Lang" , a licensed financial services professional and public speaker. provides outstanding life insurance, retirement planning, asset management through its Private Client Group and business accounting services to clients nationwide. Because of her dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality, she works to make sure individuals, families and small business owners have peace of mind as they go through the different stages of life. Sources: 1. 2.

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