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Need a Way to Manage Risk and Inflation in Your Retirement Portfolio?

Which of these pitfalls affects your retirement?

How are you managing your portfolio to avoid these threats?

  • inflation

  • taxes

  • low return on investment

  • volatile market conditions

These factors can significantly impact the amount of money in your retirement account(s).

Life insurance can help offset the threat from each of these factors.

A permanent life insurance policy offers:

  • tax-deferred growth

  • a set percentage of interest to combat sluggish market conditions

  • the option to use dividends to buy more coverage to offset inflation

  • a tax-free death benefit for your beneficiaries.

If you own an IRA or 401(k), you absolutely need to look at the importance of having a permanent life insurance policy.

To talk about how life insurance can help reduce the amount of risk in your retirement portfolio, contact us today.

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