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What is an Annuity Illustration?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

The purpose of the annuity illustration is to provide you with detailed information about the annuity’s likely performance over time. So it has graphs that show how your money would have performed in the past, along with graphs that show income and growth.

Illustrations will typically showcase how the annuity performed in the latest 10 years, as well as during its best 10 years and worst 10 years. It also highlights annual surrender charges if they come into play, your annual income if you have a guaranteed income rider, and changes in the value of your enhanced death benefit if you have one.

Most illustrations also highlight annual liquidity – i.e., how much you can withdraw from your annuity penalty-free.

In addition, some annuity illustrations display what your investment would be worth, hypothetically, in different market environments.

Please see the illustration example below. This was created with a $100,000 initial premium amount for a 60-year-old male.

(For illustration purposes only. Your Actual Insurance Carrier, Interest Rate and Index Crediting Method May Vary Based On Financial Objectives, Goals and Suitability.)

Annuity rates fluctuate every week.

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