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What's Your Parent's Plan For Care?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Chances are the holidays have always been a time for your loved ones to reconnect and share traditions, great food and conversation.

But COVID-19 changed the holidays for many families, putting a new perspective on what’s

important in life. Last year, thousands of Americans opted to have virtual celebrations.1

For some, the holidays were a little harder because they couldn’t visit relatives in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

So, this year, find some time during the holidays to have an important conversation with your mom and dad about their future.

Everyone wants peace of mind.

The pandemic is just one reminder that life can be uncertain. Having a plan that anticipates life’s challenges can help your parents feel confident that you’re aware of their wishes should they ever need care. And, knowing that your parents have a plan can be reassuring for you and your siblings — especially if their home is miles away.

Last holiday season, there were more than 780,000 coronavirus cases in U.S. long-term care facilities.2

The CDC recorded nearly 125,000 coronavirus-related deaths among residents living in U.S. long-term care facilities.3

Since the pandemic, 85% of Americans realize that having a plan for care is important.

87% believe it’s more important than ever to receive in-home care.6

65% said COVID-19 has completely changed their opinions about the best

way to care for older adults.5

Maybe life insurance or annuities should be part of their plan for care.

Encourage your parents to talk with their retirement planning team, including a licensed,

independent insurance professional, about whether their plan should include life insurance and annuities. So, they can have the care they want, while protecting their assets, their family and their future. There are options that can give them financial flexibility and benefits — even if they never need care. can help. Please contact us at your convenience.

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