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Who will care for your children?

What is a comprehensive estate plan?

  • Last Will & Testament Also called a Will. Is a document that describes how a person’s debts are to be paid and assets distributed at his or her death; it names a guardian for minor children, and names and executor or personal representative to oversee the settlement of the estate.

  • Living Trust Also called a Revocable Trust, is a trust that is often used to avoid probate. This type of trust can be changed or revoked at any time (and from time to time) during the lifetime of the person (called the settlor or the grantor) who set it up.

  • Power of Attorney Is a document which names and authorizes

Who will speak for you, when you can't speak for yourself?

Our Easy Online Estate Planning package is a comprehensive product that generates the essential, state-compliant documents most needed - Last Will and Testament, Revocable LivingTrust, Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization. Make your wishes known. Get started today.

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