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Are you transitioning into retirement?
Are you already in retirement and worried about how stock market crashes like the one in 2008 could affect how long your money will last?

Have you saved enough? What if you could protect your retirement income so that stock market moves aren't going to affect it, be able to stop yourself from running out of money in old age, take care of Long Term Care costs not covered by Medicare and leave an inheritance to your heirs?

Concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 and a global financial slowdown are driving deep dips in the stock market. Retirement portfolios are not immune to market volatility, worrying some savers that they may lose valuable assets they’ve been stashing away.

At we are dedicated to helping individuals evaluate their financial situations. We want to provide people with tools that can help them make informed decisions. We offer informational material on a wide range of topics because we understand that individuals have diverse financial needs. If you have any questions or concerns during the course of this presentation, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary consultation. During the consultation, we can discuss your questions and begin the process of helping you develop a financial strategy customized to your goals and time horizon.

Let us help you set and work towards your goals in 3 easy steps:

  1. Get your FREE Social Security Report

  2. Use the Retirement Income Options generator to adjust for any gaps in income

  3. Schedule a Free Consultation to go over guaranteed income solutions, tax-deferred options to reduce RMDs, and long-term care benefits.

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42% of Women Fear They'll Run Out of Money by Age 80.

Running out of money in retirement is a major concern among men and women alike. But because females tend to outlive their male counterparts, their chances of meeting this unwanted fate are even greater. In fact, 42% of women think they're at risk of depleting their nest eggs by the time they turn 80, according to a new study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave.

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Linda Billings | Real Life Story

Thanks to the strategies she’s put in place for her retirement and with the help of her insurance professional, Linda doesn’t have to work. As part of the planning they did, Linda purchased several annuities, which now cover 100% of her current and anticipated monthly expenses.

Click here to see: How a Three Tiered Annuity Bucket Strategy Works

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We’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your financial future. We invite all clients, referred guests and visitors to attend our events.

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Featured Workshops

Learn about no-market risk financial planning, retirement, and much more by attending one of our complimentary seminars online. Our events cover a wide range of topics that can help you take control of your financial future. We welcome existing clients and non-clients alike.

Your investments are just one part of your overall financial plan. Find out how to address family financial goals, setting priorities and getting organized, savings basics and how to make the most of your relationship with Jennifer Lang Financial Services.

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How To Shrink Your RMDs in 2021 and Beyond

People who don’t need income from their IRA, SEP and/or 401(k) are benefiting from 2020's waiver of required minimum distributions (RMDs). They’re reducing income taxes and preserving their plan assets. Qualified Longevity Contracts (QLACs) are a special type of annuity that let you cut RMDs from your IRAs, reduce the taxes you pay and guarantee more lifetime income in old age.

But RMDs have returned in 2021. Since retirees will be a year older than when they last took their RMDs, they’ll have to take out a slightly higher percentage from their retirement plans.

There’s one little-known way to reduce “RMD shock” in 2021 and beyond. That’s by placing some of your funds in a qualified longevity annuity contract. A QLAC is a type of deferred income annuity designed to meet IRS requirements. The money in a QLAC is excluded from assets on which future RMDs are calculated. You pay a single premium and then choose when to start receiving a stream of lifetime income by age 85 at the latest.

Putting off RMDs lets you keep more of your retirement plan intact and tax-deferred. A QLAC saves up to one-fourth of the IRA for the future production of guaranteed income. An IRA owner can place up to 25% of his or her IRA balance — up to $135,000, whichever is less — in a QLAC. What could that do for you? At age 75, $135,000 in a QLAC avoids $5,895 of taxable RMDs you’d otherwise have to receive. At 84, you’d avoid $8,710 of RMDs.

Postponing up to 25% of your RMDs is a great way to set aside a portion of your assets today, reduce RMDs beginning at age 72 and postpone receiving income from these funds. That way, you can get more income when you may really need it in your 80s and 90s. While this additional income in later years is fully taxable, other incomes might be reducing or dropping off at that time. Deductible medical or long-term care expenses then might offset the increased taxable income.

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Tax Deferred Strategies

Our new eBook helps retirees understand the ramifications of changes to the tax code due to the CARES Act and other COVID-19 legislation.

Deferring the taxes on an account can make a tremendous difference in the rate at which it accumulates. The money that would otherwise have been siphoned off by taxation each year remains in the account, increasing the potential return. There are a number of strategies you can use to manage income taxes. You need a knowledgeable financial professional in place. And that’s where Jennifer Lang Financial Services, comes in. We specialize in helping people just like you, make the most of every investment dollar. If you think it may be time to take a closer look at ways to manage your tax liability, schedule a review today.

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Investment Strategies for Retirement

Considering a Fixed Indexed Annuity

Depending on your needs, a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) provides protection for your money, a guaranteed monthly “paycheck” for life and the opportunity to leave legacy for loved ones. Join this workshop where annuity specialist Jennifer Lang explains FIAs and discusses multiple investment vehicles to help you understand the benefits of incorporating this product into your retirement strategy.

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Ten Year Warning!

How Retiring In a Bear Market Affects How Long Your Retirement Savings Will Last

The 2008 financial crisis caught retiring Americans off guard. This catastrophic financial event wiped out big chunks of America’s retirement savings and affected the economy long after the stock market recovered.

Now, retirees are faced with a double whammy. A rising health concern from the CoronaVirus, COVID-19, coupled with the Dow Jones industrial average falling into a bear market. As you get closer to retirement, it's important to start planning your retirement income strategy or you may need a refined or updated income plan that helps you achieve your specific retirement goals.

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Expert Series Radio Interview

Radio Interview with Certified Social Security Advisor and Retirement Planning Specialist Jennifer Lang

Thinking about retirement? Looking for a safer alternative to the stock market? In this episode, listen as Jennifer Lang is interviewed by Marcus Hart for the Transform U Network about the launch of her new eBook entitled: How Women Can Prepare for Retirement Now.

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Principles of Preserving Wealth

Estate Matters

Planning for retirement is about finding ways to live your later years doing what matters most to you. If you’re nearing retirement, this workshop can help you learn what it takes to create a plan that can support your lifestyle in retirement and leave a legacy for your beneficiaries.

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5 Smart Investing Principles

Investment Matters

There’s more to diversification than simply spreading your money around to different investments. In principle, you want to select investments that have a low correlation with each other. That is, investments that don’t tend to behave the same in a market environment

We created this workshop to give you a simple overview of investing and how diversification may fit in your retirement strategy.

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Protecting Those Who Matter Most

Insurance Matters

It's easy to view life insurance as an obligation rather than an opportunity—and an obligation that can be put off at that. But life insurance offers many benefits.

We all know life insurance can provide funds to pay your last expenses—including estate taxes and other costs. Life insurance potentially may be able to replace your income and help to maintain your family’s standard of living after you die. Learn how in this presentation.

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Long-Term Care Protection Strategies

Long-Term Care Matters

Long-term care can be an expensive drain on family resources. And people might be surprised by the number of Americans who may need long-term care if current trends remain in place.

It makes sound financial sense to develop a strategy to protect yourself—and your family—should the need for long-term care arise.

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About Our Seminars

At Jennifer Lang Financial Services, we hold informational seminars and insurance sales presentations for our clients and the greater community that feature information on specific topics, such as retirement income strategies and wealth management. Often, our seminars include guest speakers and special activities, as well as take-home materials. We strive to keep you up to date on issues that matter to you, your family and your financial well-being. Whenever you attend a seminar, feel free to schedule a one-on-one, no-obligation meeting.

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"I like to minimize risk, that's why I like annuities." - Rose Sias

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