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The TSP is a retirement savings program for civilians and members of the armed forces who are employed by the United States Federal Government. The TSP is very similar to a 401(k) plan in many ways. They are similar because they are both employee sponsored and they are both defined contribution plans and tax deferred retirement plans. They also share the same annual contribution limits.

Thrift Savings Plan Investment Options

We know that your federal benefit packages can be confusing. Our qualified retirement specialists will help you understand your options and will provide you with a customized retirement planning solution that is tailored towards your retirement goals and will help you get the most out of your benefits.

TSPs offer six different funds. Each fund has its own advantages and potential drawbacks. If you choose your own funds, take into account your risk tolerance, investment knowledge and future goals. Our annuity providers are all A rated carriers and we will design a guaranteed income strategy that protects your principle and fits your needs and goals.

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